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Advertising to attendees

Ads for expo attendees

This is an alternative program to attendees list purchases. If you are someone who purchases attendees list very often and are looking for alternative. You are in the right place, our advertise to attendees is a full proof program to help exhibitors get relevant sign ups of potential visitors and prepare you own pre-marketing list. With deep knowledge in analyzing expo and conferences we filter keywords that meet your requirement and use google as a platform to place relevant information to users from that category.

How Does It Work?

A budgeted campaign

  • Here we create a Sign up form campaign page that includes your product UPS and what is your comnpany bringing to the show this year.

  • An invitation note with your booth with number​.

  • Asked information: Name, Company, Email & Phone (optional)

  • Based on the expo we give you an estimated audience and budget.

  • For best results execute this program 20 prior to the show.

Are you exhibiting at any show or conference simply drop the names here in the chat box and our experts will get back to you with more information

Chat with our expert today..

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